Marking 105th anniversary of independence, Poland highlights growing ties with Gyeonggi Province

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Poland highlighted growing ties with Gyeonggi Province in Korea, marking the 105th anniversary of Polish independence on Monday.

Poland reappeared on the world map after a 123-year absence and reestablished its independence on Nov. 18, 1918. The country celebrates Independence Day to commemorate the restoration of Poland's sovereignty in 1918.

“Losing the statehood does not mean losing the identity — and this is the solid foundation of the power and will for life,” said Polish Ambassador to Korea Piotr Ostaszewski, delivering remarks at the event.

Stressing growing cooperation between Poland’s Lower Silesia region and Gyeonggi Province, Ostaszewski announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two regions and the inauguration of the first direct flight connection between Wroclaw and Incheon in his remarks.